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If you are tired of wires and you are looking for more flexibility in getting the job done, then check out the best cordless circular saws on the market today that are available to buy. Most circular saws are made with a cord, however, sometimes it can get in the way and actually slow you down because you always have to account for moving it around.

Well, you don’t have to deal with that anymore because of the many advances in technology and battery use. There are many types that you can choose from at different budgets depending on how many amps you choose. Now with that being said, we have compiled a list of some of the best top-rated models for your money. Check out the list below.

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Best Cordless Circular Saws on the market

BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX* POWERCONNECT 5-1/2 in. Cordless Circular Saw (BDCCS20C)
  • VERSATILE 5-1/2 IN. BLADE – Fast-cutting blade is ideal for a range of DIY tasks.
  • VARIABLE-SPEED TRIGGER – For enhanced control over every job.
  • ANGLED CUTS – Bevel detents at 45 and 90 degrees for angled cuts.
  • TOOL-FREE DEPTH ADJUSTMENT – For quick and easy adjustments without extra tools.
  • TOOL-FREE BLADE CHANGE – Swap out the blade without extra tools.
GALAX PRO 20V 4-1/2" Cordless Circular Saw with 2.0Ah battery, Laser Guide, Rip Guide, 2 Pcs Blades(24T+ 60T), 3400RPM, Max...
  • Power motor and 2 blades: Blade size 4.5 inches, no load speed 3,400 RPM for faster multi-purpose cuts of wood, soft metal, tile, drywwall, plastic and more with ease; It comes with 2 blades, 24 teeth wood saw...
  • Adjustable cutting angle: The maximum depth of cut at 90°is 1-11/16”and bevel capacity at 45 °is 1-1/8”; Perfect for miter cuts, bevels, framing and edging; Angle guide and quick adjustment gives you a...
  • Laser guide: To ensure a parallel cut, laser guide is available in our compact circular saw; With the laser indicator as the guide during the cutting process, your line will be illuminated by the beam, it...
  • Safety and ergonomic: Features double protection switch, prevents the machine from accidentally opening, promises a safer cutting job; Soft rubber handle designed to comfortably fit in hand for improved control...
  • What you get: 1 x mini circular saw, 1 x 2.0Ah li-ion battery, 1 x 24T TCT saw blade, 1 x 60T HSS saw blade, 1 x fast charger, 1 x rip guide, 1 x vacuum adaptor, 1 x hex key, 1 x manual
DEWALT 6-1/2-Inch 20V MAX Circular Saw, Tool Only (DCS391B) , Yellow
  • 5150 RPM motor of DEWALT circular saw delivers power and speed to make the most demanding cuts with ease
  • High strength and lightweight magnesium shoe of the corded circular saw provides jobsite durability for long-term cut accuracy
  • Optimized rubber overmolded comfort grip of the compact circular saw delivers optimal balance and control
  • 0-50 degree bevel capacity allows for aggressive bevel cuts for a multitude of applications
  • 6-1/2-inch carbide-tipped blade for cutting 2 times material at 90 degree and 45 degree and more cuts per charge
DEWALT ATOMIC 20V MAX* Circular Saw, 4-1/2-Inch, Tool Only (DCS571B)
  • Brushless motor of DEWALT circular saw allows you to cut up to 369 linear feet of 3/4-inch OSB using DCB205 battery (sold separately)
  • The cordless circular saw has the removable auxiliary handle for increased control
  • The compact circular saw has a hang hook for increased convenience
  • On-board blade key storage for hassle free blade changes
  • 1-1/2-inch finger trigger allows users to choke-up on tool if necessary for their application
PowerSmart 20V 4-1/2 Inch Mini Circular Saw Cordless with 4.0Ah Battery and Charger, Upgrade Model with 4 Blades and Aluminum...
  • POWERFUL & EFFICIENT: PowerSmart cordless circular saw come with 4 Blades, size 4-1/2 inch, no load speed up to 4,500 RPM for multi-purpose cuts of wood, soft metal, tile, drywall, plastic and more without...
  • LONG-LASTING BATTERIES: PowerSmart is aiming on providing great customer value with impeccable product line. The 20V MAX 4.0Ah Lithium-Ion battery and charger are included, which only takes 2.5 hours for a full...
  • SAFETY & ERGONOMIC: The double protection switch is completed for preventing the machine from accidentally opening and ensure a safer cutting in the job site. Advanced soft rubber handle designed to comfort...
  • BUILT-IN LASER & PARALLEL GUIDE: The professional, precise and convenient cutting line can be achieved by the laser guide design. The parallel guide enables exact cuts along a setting edge and cutting strips...
  • Package Include: 1* Mini Circular Saw, 1* 20V 4.0Ah Battery, 1* Fast Charger, 2* 4-1/2" 24T Carbide-tipped blade, 1* 4-1/2" Diamond Blade, 1* 4-1/2" 60T Soft-metal blade, 1 * Hex Wrench, 1* Scale Ruler, 1* Dust...
Makita XSS02Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 6-1/2" Circular Saw, Tool Only
  • Makita built motor delivers 3, 700 RPM for faster cutting and ripping through wood
  • Heavy gauge, precision machined base for smooth, accurate cutting and added durability
  • 50 degree maximum bevel cutting capacity
  • Weighs only 7.3 pounds with battery (battery not included) for reduced operator fatigue
  • 6 to 1/2 inches blade delivers a 2 to 1/4 inches cutting capacity for a wide range of cutting applications
Makita XSH10Z 18V X2 LXT® Lithium-Ion (36V) Brushless Cordless 9-1/4” Circular Saw with Guide Rail Compatible Base, AWS™...
  • Convenient guide rail compatible saw base interacts with optional guide rails to provide perfect, dead-on straight or bevel cutting without the need for an adapter
  • Auto-Start Wireless System (AWS) utilizes Bluetooth technology for wireless power-on/off communication between tool and optional dust extractor
  • AWS capable with Auto-Start Wireless Transmitter (part no. 198901-5) sold separately
  • Powered by two LXT batteries; X2 LXT technology delivers more power, RPM and run time without the hassles of a cord (batteries not included)
  • X2 LXT technology delivers up to 110 crosscuts in 3x12 oak board using two 5. 0Ah batteries (batteries not included)
Makita XSH06PT 18V X2 LXT® Lithium-Ion (36V) Brushless Cordless 7-1/4” Circular Saw Kit (5.0Ah)
  • Powered by two LXT batteries; x2 LXT technology delivers more power, speed and run time without the hassles of a cord
  • Makita built electronically controlled BL motor delivers 6, 000 RPM for maximum performance and 50% longer run time per charge
  • The BL Brushless motor eliminates carbon brushes, enabling the BL motor to run cooler and more efficiently for longer life
  • Automatic speed change technology adjusts cutting speed and torque during cut for optimum performance
  • x2 LXT technology delivers up to 610 crosscuts per charge in 2x4 spf lumber and up to 320 crosscuts per charge in 2x10 spf lumber using two 5.0Ah batteries
DEWALT FLEXVOLT ADVANTAGE 20V MAX* Circular Saw, 7-1/4-Inch, Cordless, Tool Only (DCS573B)
  • UP TO 77% MORE POWER** when DEWALT 7 1/4 circular saw is paired with FLEXVOLT batteries
  • FASTER CUTTING: Powerful brushless motor of the cordless circular saw delivers 5,500 RPM for faster cutting
  • The compact circular saw has the maximum depth of cut of 2-9/16-inch at a 90 degree
  • Maximum depth of cut of 2-inch at a 45 degree
  • ELECTRIC BRAKE stops the blade after the trigger is released
SKIL 20V 6-1/2 Inch Cordless Circular Saw Includes 2.0Ah PWR CORE 20 Lithium Battery and Charger - CR540602
  • CUT THROUGH WOOD WITH EASE - This cordless circular saw is the go-to wood-cutting tool for DIY projects around the house.
  • LONG RUNNING TIME & BATTERY LIFE - The PWR CORE 20 Lithium battery has an innovative temperature management system to keep battery cool and powering on through your project.
  • FAST AND CLEAN CUTS - Make your cuts fast and accurate with the tool's thin-kerf carbide-tipped blade, with 24 teeth.
  • MORE CONFIDENT CUTS - The saw line visor helps keep the cut straight.
  • QUICK BEVEL ADJUSTMENT - A bevel cutting capacity from 0-50 degrees means you can reach the most commonly cut angles.

Circular Saw Buying Guide

Today, a circular saw is one of the most common tools for cutting things with a blade. When they have the right blade, circular saws can cut through wood, steel, brick, and ceramic tile. To help you find the circular saw designs and features that will make your projects a success, we’ve put together this guide.

Make quick, straight cuts across a piece of wood (crosscuts) or along its length (length cut) (rip cuts). You can also set up a circular saw to cut bevels, which is another way to cut. A circular saw has a lot of standard parts, like:

During use, the blade guard comes out of the saw and covers the blade.
Plate or shoe that holds the saw steady against the workpiece.
It has a depth adjustment so it can work with different thicknesses of work.

A bevel adjustment lets you tilt the footplate so that you can cut bevels with the blade.

In most cases, circular saw sizes are based on the diameter of the blades they use to cut. There are a lot of different sizes, but the most common ones are 5-1/2 to 7-1/4 inches long. There are also a lot of choices when it comes to circular saws. Choose the circular saw that is best for your needs and wants.

There are two main types of designs:

People use circular saws called “sidewinders” and “inline saws” all the time. The motor is on the same plane as the blade. A shaft runs from the motor to the blade. Sidewinder saws are smaller and lighter than worm drive saws, but they aren’t as good as worm drive saws. They’re good for most circular saw applications.

This means that the motor is at a right angle to the saw blade. When the motor uses gears to get more force from its power, it can be used for more heavy-duty work, making the worm drive saw a good choice. People who use worm drive saws are more likely to find them quieter than people who use sidewinder saws. They’re also longer.

Circular Saw Power

When and where you use your circular saw will help you figure out how much power you need. There are two types:

Cordless circular saws are useful when you need to work in places where extension cords are difficult to use. Because they’re smaller than most corded saws, they work well in small places. Cordless saws are best for cutting wood and wood products because their batteries can only go so far before they need to be recharged.

If you need a lot of power for applications like cutting hard materials, your battery will run out very quickly. When it comes to electric saws, they usually come in sizes from 5-3/8 inches to 6 1/2 inches.

Circular saws with cords don’t run on battery power and are better for jobs that need a lot of power like cutting concrete, steel, and wood in long strips. They come in many sizes, but the most common is 7-1/4 inches. A corded circular saw needs the right extension cord. Check with your device’s manufacturer to see which extension cords are compatible with it.

Features of a Circular Saw

A Bosch Corded Circular Saw in blue and silver with a blue handle.

As soon as you’ve chosen your design and power source, look at the features:

When you use a corded saw, you measure how much power it has by how many amps and how many volts it has. The more amps and volts, the more cutting power there is.

This determines how deep a saw can cut. The blade capacity of the saw determines this. The bigger the blade, the deeper the cut will be. The most common length of the blade is 7-1/4 inches. Almost all saws with blades that are 6 inches wide or more can cut through 2-inch-thick dimensional lumber at 45 degrees in one pass.

In one pass at 90 degrees, a 5-3/8-inch saw can cut through 2-inch dimensional lumber. It takes two passes at 45 degrees. In general, a small circular saw or one that can do a lot of different things is easier to control because it doesn’t have as much weight.

There are electric brakes on the saw motor that stop it from running when you pull the trigger. Reversing the flow of electricity quickly stops the blade’s momentum. If a saw has electric brakes, the blade can be stopped in as little as two seconds.

This is much faster than with a blade on a saw that doesn’t have electric brakes. Spindle or shaft locks make it easier to change the blade on a saw because they make it easier to move the lock. The shaft lock keeps the shaft and blade from moving, making it easier to change the blade.

The maximum bevel cut the saw can make is shown by the bevel capacity. Bevel stops are pre-set which makes it easy to make bevel cuts quickly. Laser guides help improve the accuracy of cutting by shining a beam of light on the workpiece.

A circular saw blade is a type of tool

A Metabo H P T Corded Circular Saw with a 24-tooth blade in green and gray, as the one shown.

The key to the saw is its blade. Different blades can be used for different things. When you buy a blade, make sure it fits your saw.

People often use these blades

If you use high-speed steel blades, they are more durable than steel blades and stay sharper longer. These blades have carbide tips on the end of their teeth. They’re more expensive than other blades, but they stay sharp for a long time.

Steel or high-speed steel blades don’t last as long. Tile-cutting blades are made for cutting ceramic tiles. Diamond-tipped blades make better tile-cutting tools. Masonry blades are made of abrasive material that can be used to cut concrete, brick, cinder block, and other types of masonry material.

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