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Finding the best gas chainsaw under $150 is a task that should not take up a lot of your time. If it is, today we are going to the mystery out of things with simple and quick-to-the-point reviews on some of the top-rated saws that can be found at this price. Now within this type of budget, you can expect to get a saw that can tackle low risk around the yard tasks.

There are plenty of choices that you can choose from that are made by brands that we all know and trust. With that said, we have compiled a list based on top customer reviews and ratings of a few chainsaws that fit the bill and are worth your money.

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Best Gas Chainsaws Under $150

Gas Chainsaw Buying Guide

The carbon footprint of a chainsaw can be weighed against how well it works, but if you need raw power, there isn’t anything better than a gas chainsaw. It’s easy to move around with a gas chainsaw because it doesn’t have an electric cord. It can also do the hard jobs that other chainsaws can’t even think about doing.

When you buy a gas-powered chainsaw, the first thing to think about is the length of the bar. The average person will need a 16-inch bar, but you can get a bigger or smaller chainsaw if you need to. A model that is easy to start and doesn’t weigh too much is what you want. Tools aren’t needed to make changes, but a chain break is needed for safety reasons.

You can see which gas chainsaws we think are the best. You can buy any of them if you’re ready. Then, if you want to learn even more about these powerful tools, keep reading.

Why should I use a gas chainsaw instead of an electric one?

Chainsaws that run on gas used to have a bad reputation for being noisy and dirty. If you didn’t already know how to use them, they could be a little scary unless you had a lot of experience with them. This is no longer true.

However, the rise of powerful electric chainsaws has made gas chainsaws a lot easier for people to use. How long does it take to mix gas and oil? For a few minutes? Once the job is done, a gas-powered chainsaw will keep going and going for a long time. With the cordless tool, you won’t have to worry about running out of battery halfway through the job.

Even though electric chainsaws might be good, they don’t have the power of gas chainsaws. A skilled person wouldn’t be without one. Even if you only use a gas chainsaw once in a while, it has a lot of reliability and technology that many people like.

You can choose a gas chainsaw by following these steps. Large trees can be cut down with a 60cc chainsaw with a two-foot blade, but they aren’t for everyone. Below, we’ll look at each of the main things to think about when buying a gas chainsaw: the motor, the bar, and how it works.

Chainsaw motors with gas

It is common for chainsaw motors to be two-cycle motors, which are also called two-stroke motors. It would be too heavy and difficult to move around if there was engine oil in a sump. Instead, you mix a small amount of two-cycle oil with gas and carry it around. In general, the rations for chainsaws are 40:1 and 50:1, but you should always check the operating manual to make sure.

Power from the motor

If you think about how much power they have, gas chainsaw motors fall into a very small group. You’d be hard-pressed to find one under 30cc or over 75cc. People usually use chainsaws with engines between 30cc and 40cc for things like pruning, yard work, and clearing away debris after a storm, but they can also be used for bigger jobs, like cutting down trees. A motor like this usually has between 1.5 and 2 horsepower, but that can vary.

There are gas chainsaws that have a power range of 40cc to 60cc. These chainsaws are often called “ranch” or “farm” chainsaws because they can cut through wood. These tools can handle a lot more work when they have between two and four horsepower. Most people who own homes, even if they have a lot of space, don’t need anything more powerful than this.

If your chainsaw has a motor that is more than 60cc, it can produce anywhere from four to eight horsepower. These are special tools for people who are really good at what they do. Because they’re often so big, they’re only used to cut down trees.

Chainsaw bars that have been sprayed with gas

During cutting, the cutting chain runs around a bar. Different bar lengths have different cutting power. So, the length of a chainsaw’s bar gives an idea of what it will be used for. In other words, it isn’t a direct translation of the word “but.”

In theory, a chainsaw with a 12-inch bar can cut down a tree that is almost two feet wide. This isn’t likely in real life. The motor on a 12-inch gas chainsaw isn’t going to be strong enough for that.

The following is a better way to figure out how well a chainsaw works in the general sense.

With an engine ranging from 30cc to 40cc, a 12-inch to 14-inch bar is used. You end up with a tool that isn’t very heavy and is easy to use. It’s great for clearing overgrown areas, pruning, lopping, and cutting logs. It can sometimes cut down a small tree, but it’s not the right machine for doing that all the time.

A 16-inch to 20-inch bar can be used with a 40cc to 60cc motor, though this isn’t very often. The term “average” or “medium” doesn’t mean that this chainsaw is bad. It just means that it’s easy to think of it that way. Powerful tools that can do almost everything a small chainsaw can do, but if they need to work all day, they can.

Chainsaw bars that are 20 inches or longer are found on professional-grade models, which are big tools that can be used for a long time to cut down trees. It costs a lot of money and takes a lot of skill to get the most out of these gas-powered giants Bars that are 20 inches or more would be too much for most people.

There are always chainsaws that fall outside of these rules. To figure out why a certain motor and bar combination was chosen, we’d have to look very closely at why.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gas Chainsaws

How will I know when I need to sharpen my gas chainsaw’s cutting blade?

A. It is likely that the manufacturer will give you a time frame, measured in working hours, for sharpening the blade. You can’t keep track of how many hours you work if you don’t use your saw very often. Don’t worry, you’ll know. When your chain doesn’t cut well, it tends to stop or get stuck. Instead of the sawdust, you get from your saws, you’ll get fine dust or sludge. It can get so bad that when the saw is rubbing against the wood, it will start to burn the wood instead of cutting.

How do I make my chainsaw blade sharper?

A. With a round file made for sharpening chainsaw blades, you can do so. I think it will take a little time to get the angle right. Round files are very cheap. For a little more money, you can buy a jig that holds the blade and file at the right angle.

Easier still is a machine that sharpens things. There are a lot of different models. Alternatively, you could look for a garden center or hardware store near you that has a sharpening service. As long as you pay a few bucks, they’ll do it for you.

Can I buy a new chain from a brand other than the one that came with my chainsaw?

You can, but we don’t recommend it if you just want to save a little money. Make sure that you always buy high-quality chain replacements from well-known companies. They stay sharp longer, last longer, and may even make your chainsaw work better.

Last update on 2023-03-27